AccuBioMed was founded in 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan. Based on “Trinity Extraction Technology”, we develop, manufacture and sell automated nucleic acid purification systems and related reagents for worldwide research and IVD testing market. With the advanced innovative molecular diagnostics technology, we are dedicating its novel extraction solutions for variant samples with high sensitivity and high recovery results for further detections use such as qPCR, NGS, and so on.

Base on spin column extraction method, AccuBioMed is using its proprietary technology to perform extremely high performance for use in a wide range of Liquid Biopsy and Solid Biopsy tests, and the automated nucleic acid purification system- iColumn can offer the best automated extraction solutions for precision medicine.

 New launched product-iColumn LV can extract cell-free DNA from 5ml plasma within 30 minutes. We are looking for partners who dedicate in the field of NIPT, cancer detection, and pharmaceutical industries.  


1- Systems 


iColumn 12/24 is a brand new solution for fully automated nucleic acid purification. Utilizing the silica membrane spin column method, it can purify nucleic acids with high yield and purity from wide range types of samples. In additi  on, through our Innovative Trinity Technology, the purification procedure can be done within a small and straight-line cartridge. Without centrifuge and vacuum pump, the workflow becomes extremely easy and different samples can be arranged in an independent channel to avoid cross contamination.


2- Reagents

AccuPure DNA

D10096       AccuPure Cell/ Whole Blood DNA Mini Kit (96)

D11096       AccuPure Circulating DNA Mini Kit (96)

D20096       AccuPure Tissue DNA Mini Kit (96)

D21096       AccuPure Yeast DNA Mini Kit (96)

D22096       AccuPure FFPE Tissue DNA Mini Kit (96)

D23096       AccuPure MTB DNA Mini Kit (96)

D24096       AccuPure Stool DNA Mini Kit (96)

D30096       AccuPure Plant DNA Mini Kit (96)


AccuPure RNA

R10096       AccuPure Cell/ Whole Blood RNA Mini Kit (96)

R11096       AccuPure BRT RNA Mini Kit (96)

R12096       AccuPure miRNA Mini Kit (96)

R13096       AccuPure miRNA II Mini Kit (96)

R20096       AccuPure Tissue RNA Mini Kit (96)

R21096       AccuPure Yeast RNA Mini Kit (96)

R22096       AccuPure FFPE Tissue RNA Mini Kit (96)

R30096       AccuPure Plant RNA Mini Kit (96)


AccuPure VIRUS

T10096       AccuPure Viral DNA/RNA Mini Kit (96)

T12096       AccuPure HPV DNA Mini Kit (96)