GeneQ Thermal Cyclers: GeneQ

find more The concept of GeneQ set of superior performance, compact structure, friendly interface, reliable results for all. Especially in the heating speed, temperature control accuracy, uniformity and module, GeneQ shows the excellent performance.

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Model Model TC-24/H(b) TC-24/H(b TC-18/H(TC-18/H(b)b)
Sample capacity 24*0.2ml   8-strip   24-microplate 18*0.5ml
Temp.range 4℃~99.9℃
Heating Rate( Max.) ≥ 5℃/sec ≥ 4℃/sec
Cooling Rate( Max.) ≥ 4℃/sec ≥ 3℃/sec
Block Temp.Uniformity ≤±0.2℃
Block Temp.Accuracy ≤±0.2℃
Temp.of Hot Lid 30 ~ 110℃
Ajustalbility of Hot Lid Press Yes
Temp.control modes Block or Tube
Display 320*240 LCD,3.8 inch
Graph Display Yes
Program Storage 100 files
Max.Segments 5
Max.Program Steps 16
Max.Cycles 99
Power supply AC220V       50Hz      200VA
Size(mm) 345*250*270( L*W*H )
Net weight 3.2kg
Interfaces RS232
Certificates Ferrotec Pelitier / MET / CE / ROHS