Line Gene K Plus

Real Time PCR Detection System

Line Gene K Plus:

LineGene K Plus is Bioer latest realtime PCR detection system. LineGene K plus has a faster heating and cooling rate, better temperature control accuracy, temperature uniformity and the machine stability with the specially-made Peltier by Ferrotec, advanced optical fiber technology and the bottom detection patent mode. It can be used with Windows Tablet PC.  This new touch screen operation will bring you the ultimate experience of human-computer interaction.
The new and innovative LineGene K Plus Real-time PCR detection system can adapt to different levels of customer requirements, which can fully meets various requirements of scientific research and clinical applications.
By adopting unique side double Ferrotec heating method, add heat transmission area, speed up heat transmission, and improve the rate of temperature increase.  Mean while, novel three-block design ensures temperature uniformity of each block controlled independently without interruption.

Model FQD-48A
Certificate Ferrotec Peltier/CE/MET/RoCH2/PICC product
Sample Capacity 48×0.2ml(Single tube or Strips 8 PCR tubes)
Detected Fluorescence           F1            F2            F3             F4
Block Temp.Range 4~105℃(Min setting scale is 0.1℃)
Heating/Cooling Rate 4℃/s(max)
Temp. Control Accuracy ≤±0.1℃(55℃ typical value)
Temp.Fluctuation ≤±0.1℃
Temp.Uniformity ≤±0.3℃
Hot-lid Temp. Range 70~110℃(Adjustable,Default 105℃,Automatic Hot-lid)
Operation Mode Three independent temperature control blocks,0.1~6℃ Temperature difference between blocks.
Temp.Control  Mode Continuous
Feature Function Absolute Quantification,Relative Quantification,SNP Analysis,Melting Curve Genotyping,Gradient,HRM,Multi-channel Crosstalk Correction,Background Correction,Automatic Gain,Customized Parameters.
Operation System Microsoft:Windows XP/windows vista/windows 7/windows 8
PC Configuration Surface Pro series, PC/Laptop
Socket RS232 adapter,USB adapter,Bluetooth adapter
Power Supply 100-240V~50/60Hz 600W
Dimension 384mm×353mm×348mm
Weight 13kg