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Line Gene Mini – genolabs

Line Gene Mini

LineGene Mini

Line Gene Mini

Line Gene Mini is a portable fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument developed by Bori Corporation to cope with diverse and highly complex environments. This product adopts a small capacity design of 16 single tube connection mode, and can correspond to battery power supply function, in exchange for small and portable features. At the same time, the use of customized version of the Peltier module, new optical path design and top scanning, etc., in order to create a new generation of Bo-day fluorescence quantitative PCR.

Applicable environment: It is convenient for field operations, such as pasture, forest farm, farm and water source for real-time monitoring. Or make rapid and accurate clinical diagnosis of disasters, epidemics, etc. in the disaster-affected areas or field hospitals. Of course, it is also convenient to carry and use between laboratories.

Product number FQD-16A (Mini)
Sample size 16*0.2ml test tube (tube cover flat and transparent), 8*0.2ml test tube (tube cover flat top and transparent)
reaction system 10-100μl
Dynamic range 1-10 10 Copies
Excitation wavelength 400 to 700 nm
Fluorescence detection wavelength 450 to 750 nm
temperature range 0-100 ° C (minimum setting scale: 0.1 ° C)
range of working temperature 5-35 ° C
Temperature control method Tube mode
Temperature control technology Semiconductor cooler
Temperature control accuracy ±0.1 °C (starting at 30, 72, 95 °C and 30 seconds respectively) (temperature fluctuation)
Temperature display resolution 0.1 ° C
Temperature uniformity ±0.15 (at 55,72°C), ±0.2°C (at 95°C)
Maximum temperature rise and fall rate 5 ° C / s (Max)
Average temperature rise and fall rate 3.5 ° C / s (55 ° C – 95 ° C average)
Hot cover temperature range Setting temperature: 85-110 ° C (adjustable)
Fluorescent dyes F1: FAM, SYBR Green I;F2: VIC, HEX, TET, JOE, TAMRA, CY3, NED;F3: ROX;F4: CY5
Preheat time No need to warm up
Input power DC24V 180W
Signal interface USB interface (connected to the computer)
Sensitivity requirement 1 copy
Dimensions 280×220×240 (L×W×H)
net weight 6.5Kg
Safety protection and alarm Temperature sensor short circuit or open circuit alarm and protection (module, hot cover, radiator temperature sensor)Hot cover temperature over temperature protection and alarm
safety certificate Ferrotec Pelitier/CE/RoHS2