Maccura’s Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyzer “IS 1200”


Immunoassay Chemiluminescence Analyzer

Maccura’s Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyzer IS 1200:

Maccura’s Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyzer “IS 1200” with the companion reagents are innovative and turning point products in the global IVD industry.

The stability and reliability of the analytic results are accomplished by the integration of the advanced instrumentation and thoroughly developed companion reagents.

IS 1200 Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyzer and the companion reagents are the combination of the advanced precision analytic instrumentation and magnetic microparticles based enhanced immunoassay technology, hence the assay dynamic range is effectively widened, the sensitivity of detection is dramatically increased and the assay speed is also obviously improved. IS 1200 system is charactered with the flexibility of assay choices and reliability of measurement.


Items Details
System Description Continuous Random Access
Technique Magnetic Nanoparticles based Enhanced Immunochemiluminescence
On Board Tips Maximum 4×50, Continuous Upload
On Board Reaction Cuvette Maximum 4×50, Continuous Upload
Samples On Board 50
Dilution Positions 6
Samples Required Serum, Plasma, Urine, Others
Sample Container 4ml(13*75mm);5ml(13*100mm);10ml(16×100mm)Tubes and 1ml cups
Sample Volume 10-100μl
Sample Control Liquid Surface Detection and Clot Detection
Number of Simultaneous Test Items 18
Reagent Management Supported by Software
Calibration 2 Dimention Barcode, Two Points or Multi-Points Calibration
Bar-Code Reading Sample, Reagent
Reaction Temperature Control 37.0℃
Assay Throughput Maximum 120 Tests per Hour
Data Storage On line
Error Alarm Support Coded Error Reporting
Link Port RS-232C
Computer Operation System Microsoft Windows
Power Required 220V,50 / 60HZ
Power Consumption 1.0 KVA
Dimensions(mm) 1250(L)×700(W)×1100(H)
Weight 225kg